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Department and University Awards

Faculty awards are an important component of faculty development and advancement. Awards are offered for Teaching, Research, Engagement and Advising and Mentoring.

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate ProfessorJohn Meitzen
Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with TechnologyWicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions
(Y) Our Health
Jason Flores, Jane Lubischer, Melissa Ramirez
Outstanding Teacher AwardCarlos Goller
The Provost’s Award for Excellence in TeachingMiles Engell
Provost’s Faculty FellowYihui Zhou
University Faculty ScholarKurt Marsden
Academy of Outstanding Faculty in Engagement and ExtensionBucky Gates
Jackson Rigney International Service AwardAnn Ross
Outstanding Engagement AwardBucky Gates
Carrie McLean Advising Administrator AwardErica Kosal
LeRoy and Elva Martin Award for Teaching ExcellenceMartha Burford Reiskind
NC State Impact ScholarCarlos Goller
Accessibility Champion AwardMelissa Ramirez
LeRoy and Elva Martin Award for Teaching ExcellenceMichael Taveirne
Outstanding Teacher AwardMelissa Ramirez
The Research Leadership AcademyJun Ninomiya-Tsuji
Goodnight Early Career Innovators AwardKurt Marsden
University Faculty ScholarMichael Bereman
University Faculty ScholarCathrine Hoyo
Gov. James E. Holshouser Jr. Award for Excellence in Public ServiceJane Hoppin
Accessibility Champion AwardClaire Gordy
Accessibility Champion AwardCarlos Goller
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate ProfessorMiles Engell
NC State Libraries Faculty FellowCarlos Goller
Outstanding Teacher AwardJohn Meitzen
Faculty Open Resource AwardCarlos Goller
University Faculty ScholarReade Roberts
Outstanding Teacher AwardLisa Parks
Goodnight Distinguished Chair in Molecular ToxicologyRob Smart
The Research Leadership AcademyHeather Patisaul
University Faculty ScholarJane Hoppin
LeRoy and Elva Martin Award for Teaching ExcellenceAlice Lee
The Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor AwardJenny Campbell
Member of Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence ProgramYihui Zhou
The Research Leadership AcademyCathrine Hoyo
The Research Leadership AcademyFred Wright
University Faculty ScholarJohn Meitzen
Outstanding NCSU Faculty AdvisorLisa Parks
Outstanding Teacher AwardBetty Gardner
The Research Leadership AcademyRob Smart
University Faculty ScholarCarolyn Mattingly
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate ProfessorLisa Parks
Outstanding Teacher AwardJane Lubischer
Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement AwardMichael Cowley
Fulbright Senior ScholarDavid Buchwalter
National Academies Education MentorLisa Parks
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor AwardMiriam Ferzli
Outstanding Teacher AwardMiles Engell
Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with TechnologyMarta Klesath
University Faculty ScholarAnn Ross
University Faculty ScholarHeather Patisaul