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The underlying mechanisms that control life on earth are only now being revealed. Clearly, great discoveries await and the next generation of life scientists need training in a diverse set of disciplines to tackle these pending discoveries. Students require interdisciplinary training in both fundamental and applied approaches to problem-solving so that they may understand how life functions, behaves, interacts and evolves.
rnThe guiding principle of the Biology graduate program is that by integrating training across multiple disciplines, we can gain deeper insights into challenging problems such as how life functions and adapts to changing physical and social environments and how diseases develop. Our goal is to prepare our graduate students to be world-class scientists and leaders, unafraid of tackling the most significant scientific challenges of our era.

Biology Concentrations

We offer a diverse program of concentrations, and core and elective courses.

Application Details

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: Jan 15
  • Spring:  Nov 25

Visit the Graduate School website for more information on priority deadlines for US and International students.

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View complete details on how to complete the online graduate school application.

Mentor Selection

All interested applicants should identify a potential faculty adviser prior to submitting an application. To learn more about the faculty advisers who mentor biology graduate students, please see the list of faculty members on this page.

Prospective students are encouraged to explore faculty websites and contact faculty members with whom they share similar research interests.

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