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Outside the Classroom

The classroom is just one part of your education in the Department of Biological Sciences. Medical schools, other graduate and professional schools, and employers look for candidates with strengths and experiences in three primary areas outside of coursework: academic enrichment, experiential learning, and leadership and service. Learn more about these areas and the opportunities within each.

Academic Enrichment 

Successful students in the Department of Biological Sciences truly work to get an education, not just a degree. Engaging in high-impact education opportunities is a great way to “Think and Do” as a student at NC State. These experiences help you gain and apply knowledge and develop skills and characteristics that will prepare you well for employment, further education and beyond.

Experiential Learning

NC State believes “experience is education.” Through hands-on experience, you can learn what it is like to work as a professional in your chosen discipline, develop skills and knowledge employers and professional and graduate programs desire, and apply what you learn in the classroom. Several of our undergraduate programs require students to participate in experiential learning, but all students benefit from doing so.

Leadership and Service

As a land-grant institution, NC State has service in its DNA. Leadership and service go hand-in-hand. All students are encouraged to get involved in clubs, organizations and experiences that provide them with opportunities to lead and serve. Such activities are at the heart of “Thinking and Doing.” Professional schools and employers highly regard such activities and the characteristics they develop.