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David Buchwalter



Toxicology Building 1211


Research in the Buchwalter lab focuses on contaminants and other abiotic stressors in freshwater environments.  We focus on aquatic insects because of their ecological importance and widespread use as ecological indicators in water quality monitoring programs. Our work examines the differential susceptibilities of species based on their physiological diversity. Interests include trace metal bioaccumulation and trophic transfer, thermal stress and osmoregulation Our lab studies ecological physiology and toxicology in aquatic invertebrates. We try to link different levels of biological organization to better understand how human activities affect aquatic life..We also are studying the bioaccumulation of PFAS as part of NCSU’s Center for Environmental and Health Effects of PFAS.


2015, Fulbright Senior Scholar 

  • Fulbright Scholar, 2015. University of Otago, New Zealand