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Student Organizations

Genetics Graduate Student Association

The Genetics Graduate Student Association keeps graduate students informed about the university and departmental events, policies and decisions, as well as encouraging student socialization.

Microbiology Graduate Student Association

Membership in the Microbiology Graduate Student Association is available to microbiology graduate students as well as students interested in microbiology but enrolled in other degree programs.

Science Communication Graduate Student Organization

A student-run group offering opportunities for scientists to learn more about communicating their work. We are geared towards graduate students but everyone is welcome.

Toxicology Graduate Student Association

The Toxicology Graduate Student Association meets several times a year, including at our Graduate Student Research Symposium, numerous local scientific meeting, and athletic events, to interact both academically and socially.

Zoology Graduate Student Association

The purpose of this group is to communicate events, deadlines, and updates to graduate students in the Zoology graduate program.

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