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Erica Kosal

Director of LSFY Program

Bostian Hall 2717


Through helping students over the years in various ways in the classroom, in my research lab, through advising and through assessing programs and curricula, I have come to appreciate the complexity of teaching and learning (as a professor, as a colleague, and from the student’s perspective).  As an ecologist, I study the interactions between insects and their environment; this scientific methodology approach, as well as the lessons learned about patterns in general has carried over to my teaching.  I still focus on patterns and how humans interact with their environment, specifically assessing how various teaching pedagogies influence student learning.  Most recently I have begun to incorporate short mindfulness practices in class and have learned these practices are influential with positive student attitude.  I know that conveying care for my students, and displaying gratitude in all I do is just as valuable as teaching content in a course. My overall goal is to help students learn and to grow into confident, budding scientists.  My passion is helping students find their “voice,” and empower them to take charge of their own learning and successes.

I am thrilled to be part of the LSFY team – this is a wonderful program that will serve students well during their first transitional year in college, helping them find the right fit in the right degree program, as they take courses necessary to prepare them for more advanced coursework in the life sciences.  Additionally, students can grow their leadership skills after they complete their first year with us and serve their younger peers through the following positions: class assistants (for LSC103), teaching assistants (for LSC101), as well as peer mentors