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DBS Professional Academic Advisors

Every undergraduate in the Department of Biological Sciences is assigned to an academic advisor. Our advising team consists of five primary-role advisors and more than a dozen faculty members who advise in addition to their teaching, mentoring and research activities. The mission of our advising program is to guide and empower undergraduate students so that they can be best equipped to thrive in their majors and in their lives as undergraduate students.

Our advising program is designed to challenge and enable you to:

  • Learn about the curricula requirements for your major and take ownership of completing your degree.
  • Find and use resources for career exploration and preparation congruent with your interests, strengths, and values. 
  • Identify and use appropriate campus resources for social, emotional, academic and other support.
  • Navigate and learn to use information about NC State academic policies, rules and regulations.
  • Value and pursue enrichment opportunities beyond the traditional classroom.