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The Department of Biological Sciences prepares students to be productive citizens of a diverse, constantly changing world.

Jane Lubischer with Life Sciences First Year students

A Foundation for Life

The Department of Biological Sciences provides world-class education and research opportunities for our diverse undergraduate student population. We give our students opportunities to enter their post-graduation lives as independent thinkers, problem solvers and valuable members of society.

Undergraduates interested in the life sciences majors offered in our department begin in the Life Sciences First Year program with foundational studies of the structure, function, behavior and evolution of cells, organisms, populations and ecosystems. After being accepted into one of our degree programs, students select upper-level courses that reflect their intellectual interests and career goals.

Graduates leave the department with a strong background in the biological sciences and related fields. They go on to top graduate programs or careers in medicine, laboratory research, academia, technology, teaching and many other areas.

Interview with John

BS in Genetics
Minor in Biotechnology
GPA 4.0
Graduation: December, 2020

Supporting Your Success

We are one of the largest academic departments at NC State, and we are committed to supporting the success of each of our students. Here, you’ll find a place where you can stretch your knowledge, skills and imagination — and find the resources and community you need to do it.

Academic advisers in the Department of Biological Sciences will help you develop and achieve your academic goals and continue on a successful career path. You will work in partnership with your assigned adviser to plan your courses, connect with NC State resources, and discover ways to engage outside of the traditional classroom. We will encourage you to put your critical thinking skills and knowledge into action through study abroad, undergraduate research, volunteer experiences and internships.