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Heather Patisaul

Adjunct Professor

University Faculty Scholar



Dr. Heather Patisaul received her B.S. in Zoology in 1995 from the University of Florida and her Ph.D. from Emory University in 2001. Her lab explores the mechanisms by which endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) alter neuroendocrine pathways in the brain related to sex specific physiology and behavior. She is specifically interested in phytoestrogens, flame retardants, and BPA (Bisphenol A). The lab uses a variety of traditional and transgenic rodent models (rats, mice and voles) and employs a suite of neuroanatomical, neurobehavioral, and molecular testing strategies such as RNAseq, qtPCR, in situ hybridization, autoradiography and immunohistochemistry. Dr. Patisaul is a NIEHS ONES Award recipient and has participated on several national and international expert panels and workshops related to health effects associated with soy and other endocrine disruptors. She also chaired the 2016 Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Endocrine Disruptors.


2019, The Research Leadership Academy