Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I get college credit for this course?
You automatically get one hour of academic credit for each one-week workshop if you register for credit with NCSU for the workshop by mid June (the registration date varies slightly each year).  Further information about this will be emailed to registered participants in May.  This will show up as BIO 592 (for Biology and/or Environmental Science) on your NCSU transcript.  You may also sign up for one or two additional credit hours by completing a special project tailored to your interests or needs.  There is an additional cost of $200 for each additional credit hour.  All projects are to be completed on your own and submitted to your NCSU faculty mentor by the end of October.  You may sign up for these additional hours during your workshop.
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  • Can I still get credit if I have to miss a day?
The College Board requires 30 hours of instruction in a certified AP training course.  You will not receive a “Certificate of Completion” if you do not attend all sessions.  No exceptions.
To receive the 1 NCSU credit, the University requires 43 hours of work. While most of this will occur in the classroom during the day, there will be needed evening preparation on your part to complete this requirement.
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  • What should I bring?
A hand-held calculator, a notebook, and a pen are the only items you will need for class.  Please bring a laptop for the AP Biology workshop if possible (not needed for AP Env. Sci).  All other instructional materials are provided.  If you plan to stay at University Towers, you may want to bring your own pillow and additional blanket and/or towels.
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  • Can I get a refund if I’m not able to attend?
All payments are 100% refundable if you notify us at least four weeks in advance of the institute.  After that date, your $100 deposit is no longer refundable.  You may withdraw and request a refund of paid tuition, housing, etc. up to two weeks before the start of the institute.  No refunds will be given for no-shows or cancellations within two weeks of the institute.
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  • What should I wear?
Casual dress is appropriate for all activities.  Part of each day will be spent working in the lab where closed-toe shoes and clothing that provides protective covering down to your knees are required.  The rooms are well air-conditioned — if you are “cold-natured” you may want to have a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt available.
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  • Will I need a computer?
You are welcome to bring a laptop computer, but it is not required.  For AP BIO – please bring a laptop if possible for use in the lecture room.  The teaching laboratories are equipped with computers and wifi access is available throughout the building.  Many teachers find it useful to bring their own laptops for taking notes and completing course work.  Please do bring a USB “flash drive” or “memory stick” so you can share and collect information.
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