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Resources for Getting Help

Your academic advisor or the coordinator of advising is a great first place to go when you need help. Advisers can point you in the direction of NC State resources and information relevant to your questions. Also, see the resources linked here.

Submit a question to the advising team

Food or Housing Insecurity, financial crisis

  • Pack Essentials website – for info about Feed the Pack food pantry and more
  • Visit the PackSnack cabinet in Bostian Hall (ask for location in main office, 2727 Bostian Hall)

Career Help and Information

Academic Help

Struggling with your coursework?

Have a learning disability or medical condition? You may be eligible for services through

Wondering about policies, rules and regulations?

Need to find a new major or add one?

Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid at NC State
PackASSIST – one-stop scholarship portal for all students

Personal/Medical Issues, Depression, Anxiety or Drug/Alcohol Abuse Issues

Your academic advisor can help you find resources to lessen the impact of these issues on your academic success.