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A group of five students holding their certificates for the Leadership Development Program in front of Talley Student Union

Jan 11, 2022

Learning to Lead

Student Leadership and Engagement’s Leadership Development Program pushes the boundaries of the meaning of leadership within all types of students at NC State. 

a human skull rests on a glossy black surface in front of a black background

Jan 4, 2022

Forensic Researchers Call for Proactive Efforts to Address Racism

The call responds to issues of systemic racism highlighted by the BLM movement. 

Gino Fernandes II in front of the Talley Student Union

Jan 4, 2022

Extraordinary Difference: Gino Fernandes II

Gino Fernandes II ’20, aka King Gino, is a microbiologist-rapper who discovered his passion and career path while attending NC State. The university empowered this first-generation college student to not only graduate but also earn numerous awards along the way. By sharing his story and being an advocate for other students during the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign, Fernandes has helped raise awareness and inspire donors to create new funds such as the Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative. 

NC State Belltower

Jan 3, 2022

College Honors 2021-22 LeRoy and Elva Martin Award Recipients

Faculty members Jonathan Williams and Martha Burford Reiskind have been recognized for excellence in teaching. 

Martha Burford Reiskind

Jan 3, 2022

Evolutionary Biologist Burford Reiskind Receives Faculty Diversity External Mentoring Endowment

Faculty member Martha Burford Reiskind received the award for her groundbreaking diversity and inclusion work. 

Dec 18, 2021

When Humans Are Gone, What Animals Might Evolve to Have Our Smarts and Skills?

Live ScienceWith modern gene-sequencing technology and our understanding of evolution, “we’re pretty good at making short term predictions,” Martha Reiskind, a molecular ecologist at North Carolina State University, told Live Science. For example, we can predict that if humans were to suddenly go extinct tomorrow, climate change would continue to drive many species toward drought resiliency in order to survive. Cold-specialized species will continue to struggle as well, meaning that, sadly, polar bears and penguins are unlikely to thrive in the millennia after humans are gone. 

Dec 6, 2021

Mother-Daughter Duo Share Graduation Day

Mother and daughter, Michelle and Lauren both enrolled at NC State in fall of 2018. Little did they know that Michelle, a Jenkins MBA student would be sharing her graduation day with her youngest daughter, Lauren who is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology. 

Emma Grace Barnes

Nov 16, 2021

Park Scholar Emma Grace Barnes ’24 Co-founds Lux To Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

Lux is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Barnes started with Catherine Carter, another NC State student, to support survivors of sexual violence by providing hotlines, information and legal resources. Their hope is that the organization can be the first stop for survivors after a traumatic event happens. 

Copper Wolf on Central Campus in the fall

Nov 16, 2021

Goodnight Scholars Program Spotlight: Briany Santos-Villalobos

Briany Santos-Villalobos, a transfer Goodnight Scholar in the class of 2023, found a unique way to become familiar with the NC State campus after transferring from Central Piedmont Community College: scavenger hunts. Read about Briany’s path to transferring to NC State from community college, the unforgettable times she’s had on campus since then and her plans for the future. 

Skulls of a baboon and howler monkey with the teeth "digitally dissected."

Oct 26, 2021

What Big Teeth You Have: Tooth Root Surface Area Can Determine Primate Size

A formula that calculates primate body size from tooth root size could help us learn how human ancestors interacted with their environment.