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Department Administration

Dr. Gerald Leblanc, Department Head 919-515-7404
Dr. Jane Lubischer, Assistant Department Head 919-515-2587
Lara Mekeel, Business Officer 919-515-5707
Kathleen Wilson, Executive Assistant 919-515-5711

Graduate Program Support
Dr. Rebecca Irwin, Zoology Program Director 919-515-4588
Freha Legoas, Zoology Program Support 919-515-5712
Dr. Trudy Mackay, Genetics Program Director 919-515-5810
Melissa Robbins, Genetics Program Support 919-515-2291
Dr. James Bonner, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Program Director 919-515-7404
Janet Roe, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Program Support 919-513-1011
Dr. Spencer Muse, Functional Genomics & Bioinformatics Program Director 919-515-1948
Dr. Eric Miller, Microbiology Program Director 919-513-1368
Vicki Lemaster, Microbiology Program Support 919-513-3433

Undergraduate Program Directors
Dr. Jane Lubischer, Biological Sciences (BS & BA) 919-513-3928
Dr. Jonathan Olson, Microbiology 919-515-7860
Dr. Betty Gardner, Genetics 919-515-5776
Dr. Jennifer Campbell, Zoology 919-513-7570

Undergraduate Coordinators
Dr. William Grant, Biological Sciences (no concentration) 919-513-3928
Dr. Jennifer Campbell, Zoology 919-513-7570
Dr. Jonathan Olson, Microbiology 919-515-7860
Dr. Stephanie Curtis, Genetics 919-515-5747
Dr. John Godwin, Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology 919-513-2936
Dr. Michael Sikes, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology 919-513-0528
Dr. Lisa Parks, Human Biology 919-515-3494
Dr. Brian Langerhans, Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology 919-515-3514

Undergraduate Advising   (link to webpage)

Undergraduate Student Support  (
Kim Orlowski 919-515-6146
Erica Chinboukas  919-515-9044
Angie Lueneburg  919-515-9044
Sheila O’Rear 919-515-3144
Marcus Peoples 919-515-7044

Distance Education Support
Dr. Melissa Ramirez

Teaching Labs Support
Patty Aune   919-515-9045
Colleen Brannen   919-513-0663
Sandra Gove  919-515-3629
Theresa Johansson   919-515-9052

IT Support
Wall Crumpler, Facilities and Computing 919-515-9046
David Newkirk, Facilities, Computing, & Website 919-515-5539

Administrative Support – Centennial Campus
Jeanne Burr  919-515-7246

Mailing address
112 Derieux Place, Raleigh, NC  27695

Campus address
3510 Thomas Hall, Campus Box 7614

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