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Research Awards

The Research Leadership Academy (RLA) is the faculty-driven epicenter of research leadership and faculty mentoring enhancing NC State’s research and scholarship culture. The RLA is composed of the University’s most outstanding researchers from diverse fields; members are selected on their records of and active engagement in research and mentoring of faculty. The RLA is charged with the development and advocacy of best research and administrative practices for the development of the diverse research faculty at NC State.

Heather Patisaul, 2019

Cathrine Hoyo, 2018

Fred Wright, 2018

Rob Smart, 2017

The Goodnight Early Career Innovators Award, established in 2021, supports early career faculty excellence and promotes retention of tenure-track assistant professors whose scholarship is in STEM or STEM education.

Kurt Marsden, 2021

The Provost’s Office oversees the University Faculty Scholars Program, which was established by Chancellor Randy Woodson in 2012. The program recognizes and rewards emerging academic leaders who demonstrate significant achievement.

Kurt Marsden, 2022-23

Michael Bereman, 2020-21

Cathrine Hoyo, 2020-21

Reade Roberts, 2019-20

Jane Hoppin, 2018-19

John Meitzen, 2017-18

Carolyn Mattingly, 2016-17

Heather Patisaul, 2012-13

Ann Ross, 2012-13