Undergraduate Research

All students in our department, and particularly those interested in earning graduate degrees, are strongly encouraged to engage in undergraduate research. Opportunities exist in the Department of Biological Sciences as well as in other departments across campus and in industry. Through undergraduate research, students deepen their knowledge of their discipline, increase their understanding of the nature and practice of science, and gain new technical and transferable skills.

Why do research?

How to find undergraduate research opportunities:

Getting course credit for research participation: Some programs in our department require  a student earn credit for experiential learning, and pre-approved undergraduate research opportunities can fulfill that requirement. Students should work with their advisers to understand their requirement for experiential learning. Curricula that do not require such experiences can offer elective credit to students for approved work. Credit will not rewarded retroactively for prior work.

  • BSC493: getting course credit for research
  • If you are genetics major, please see your undergraduate coordinator for appropriate forms and syllabus.