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If a supply item is not available in the MarketPlace system and costs less than $2,500, payment must be processed with a PCard. No vouchers will be approved for supplies that cost less than $2,500, unless:

  • The supplier does not accept credit card payments.
  • The invoice is for a partial shipment of a larger documented order.
  • The invoice date for the purchase is dated prior to January 4, 2022.
  • Undergraduate Student Workers: PEP, FWS, Undergraduate TAs/Graders, Other
  • Contact your Graduate Services Coordinator
  • Temporary Employees (Non-students)
    • University Temporary Services (UTS): The in-house temporary staffing service for North Carolina State University. For a small fee UTS will handle the administrative services on your behalf, including recruitment, candidate screening, interviewing, reference checking, background checks, employment eligibility verification, payroll processing, employee counseling, performance feedback, separation and unemployment claim administration. You can place a request for a temporary employee by submitting the NCSU online request form or by contacting the Placement Specialist, Erin Cox, directly at 515-4306.
    • Non-UTS Temps
  • Permanent Positions
    • Exempt (EHRA) vs. Non-Exempt (SHRA) Position Definitions
      • EHRA stands for Exempt from the State Human Resources Act. EHRA positions are classified into one of three categories established by the UNC Board of Governors:
        • Senior Academic and Administrative Officers (SAAO)
        • Faculty
        • Instruction, Research, and Information Technology (IRIT)
      • Salary ranges for SAAO Tier 2 positions, faculty, and IRIT positions are established by NC State through a management flexibility agreement with the UNC Board of Governors
      • SHRA stands for Subject to the State Human Resources Act. SHRA personnel practices are closely governed by the NC Office of State Human Resources and apply across all agencies of state government. The State Personnel Act establishes parameters for position classification, salary, and many personnel policies and programs.
    • State Human Resources Act Text
    • SHRA Hiring (details coming soon…)
    • EHRA Hiring (details coming soon…)
  • Other Hires (Unpaid Positions, Flat-rate Payments, etc.)
    • Flat-Rate Payment
    • Unpaid Positions
    • Minors on Campus
    • Independent Contractors
  • Annual Review Process (SHRA)
  • Annual Review Process (EHRA/Faculty)
  • Annual Review Process (Post Docs)
  • Reappointment, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT)
  • Additional Compensation/Summer Salary
  • Sabbaticals
  • Post-Tenure Review (PTR)
  • For Supervisors
  • For Biweekly Employees (Temps and Student Workers)
  • For Permanent Positions (Faculty/Staff)

Contact the Department’s HR Partner as soon as possible.

Please complete this request form to request the use of departmental funds to support travel expenses:

  • Special Circumstances and Exceptions
    • Third Party Lodging (AirBnb, etc.)
      Pre-approvals are needed before you book any lodging other than a standard hotel. This includes: Bed and Breakfast, Condo, house, apartment, etc. The pre-approval can take up to 5-7 business days for review. Not all cities allow AirBnb; in these cases reimbursement may not be permitted, so book at your own risk and be aware of the rules regarding AirBnb at your destination. Please submit the Third Party Lodging Form. (PDF)

  • Shipping via US Postal Service
    • Outgoing mail requiring postage (SMALL ITEMS ONLY)
      • Main campus – can be brought to the Biological Sciences Business Office (3510 Thomas Hall) where Kate Thompson or Dana Derosier can assist with a postage form.
      • Toxicology – can be brought to the Toxicology Office where Jean Lembke can assist with a postage form.
    • Incoming mail
      • Thomas Hall: The primary mail room (package delivery, outgoing mail) is located in room 3513
      • Toxicology: The primary mail room is in the main office of the Toxicology building

When receiving packages from mail carriers, office staff will do their best to notify building members of their arrival as a courtesy; however, they are not always made aware of the arrival of a package. PIs and lab staff are ultimately responsible for tracking packages. And please remember: ALWAYS INCLUDE A RECIPIENT NAME WHEN PLACING AN ORDER!

  • Shipping via FedEx
    • Complete the online form and the business office will create a shipping label for you
    • Be prepared to supply:
      • The complete address of the recipient
      • Phone number and email address of the recipient
      • How quickly the package should be delivered (to determine shipping type)
      • Which funds you’d like to use for payment
    • For labs or individuals with frequent shipping needs, click button below!
  • Parking Passes
    • Parking passes for visitors: Contact Kate ( or Dana ( with your visitor’s name, email address, date(s) of visit, and the most appropriate parking location. Passes are fully digital and distributed via email. Please submit your request at least 2 days in advance of the visit.
    • Temporary use of Existing Loading Zone parking pass: Thomas Hall, Bostian Hall, David Clark Labs, and the Toxicology building have LZ passes for communal use. Coordinate with the business office in these buildings for temporary use.
    • New Loading Zone parking passes for faculty or staff: Contact Kate ( or Dana ( with your request. These passes are renewed annually in late June.
  • Wolfcopy Printers
    • WolfCopy supplies toner and service for our machines. Email with the WolfCopy machine number (printed on the machine) for any servicing needs.
    • Alternatively, you may call 515-HELP(4357)
  • Room Reservations
    • Thomas Hall rooms 3503, 3508, and 4508 can be made by contacting Dana Derosier or Kate Thompson (
    • Toxicology building rooms 1107 (CHHE conference room), 2102 (2nd floor conference room) and 2104 (lecture hall) can be made by contacting Jean Lembke (
    • David Clark Labs
      • DCL 123, DCL 139, DCL 205 are public calendars available for reservation
      • DCL Atrium/Lobby can be reserved by contacting Carrie Baum-Lane (
    • Space reservations can also be made by employees and students on a broader scale with NCSU’s ASTRA room reservation system
    • Access to Lactation rooms in BioSci:

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For further detail or other questions, please visit our Business Office Staff page.