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Beyond Basic Biology

Our department focuses on interdisciplinary education and diverse research opportunities to explore some of the most pressing scientific issues facing our world.

Dhuru Patel, a recent graduate in biological sciences, is passionate about giving back. He’s been using what he’s learned at NC State in his job at a medical clinic and to help with COVID-19 testing and vaccinations in the Raleigh area.

Nearly 500 Graduates

With over 500 graduates in 2021-2022, the Department of Biological Sciences is one of the largest academic departments at NC State.

From active duty to cutting-edge research

Karl Hill (’23), Marine and Undergraduate, is leveraging every opportunity – from making transgenic zebrafish using CRISPR to a summer REU at Harvard.

BioSci Faculty Set the Standard for Teaching and Research

With experts in paleontology, genetics, toxicology, neuroscience, forensic morphology and many others, our faculty make major impacts on our students and the world.

Current and prospective students:

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