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Online Programs

The Department of Biological Sciences currently offers two programs that can be completely entirely through online courses: a Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate and a Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators.

The Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate offers students the opportunity to further their understanding of microorganisms and the roles they play in the world in which we live. This certificate is ideal for degree-seeking undergraduate students at institutions where a microbiology major or minor is not available and for non-degree students seeking additional experience in microbiology for career advancement or to enhance their preparation for and applications to professional, graduate or allied health schools.

The Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators offers post baccalaureate students the opportunity to explore their choice of topics in biology with a final course that focuses on the neurobiology of learning. Although not a master’s degree, the Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators may satisfy many of your needs for professional development. Should you later decide to pursue a master’s degree, some coursework from this program may transfer. Current graduate students in our College of Education may be able to use these certificate courses toward their programs of study as well.

For information about other online certificates and degree programs at NC State, refer to the NC State University Online Education website. If you are not currently a student at NC State, visit the distance education admission guidance website to learn more about getting started.