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Using Marketplace: Overview

Marketplace is the primary, preferred source for all University-related purchasing. Always check Marketplace for items before purchasing elsewhere.

All vendors on Marketplace are contracted through the University to provide competitive pricing with built-in shipping costs. This saves you, the university, and taxpayers millions of dollars every year!
You can even contact the vendors and get a quote for further discounts on larger purchases.

While there are often minimum amounts required for purchasing (usually around $25), you are able to spend over $5k without going through the extra steps of procurement.

Each lab or unit should have at least one person responsible for placing and receiving orders within Marketplace.

Marketplace also provides FedEx shipping and Amazon Business accounts!

These accounts require some additional setup. Click on the links below to set up your FedEx and/or Amazon Business accounts.

  • Establishing an Amazon Business account for NCSU
    • Purchases made on Amazon with personal funds for reimbursement?
      • This is not ideal, but can be done if an explanation is provided as to why Marketplace/Amazon Business was not used. Reimbursement is subject to approval by the Business Office and the University. An order confirmation does not qualify as a receipt for a reimbursement. All items must be shipped to a University address.
    • Purchases made on a personal Amazon account with a Pcard?
      • Please do not do this. If this does happen, you must provide an explanation along with detailed receipts. An order confirmation does not qualify as a receipt for a Pcard purchase. All items must be shipped to a University address.

Be sure to use a different email address for your Amazon Business account and your personal Amazon account to avoid any mixup! If you choose to use the same email address, you will need to be very careful when ordering to ensure that the products are being correctly paid for and shipped.

  • Establishing a FedEx account for NCSU
    • This will allow you to create FedEx labels for shipping OUT.
    • Contact Hakan in the Business Office to set up a FedEx account for shipping IN payments.