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DELTA Grants Recipients for 2020-2021 Announced

DELTA is pleased to announce this year’s recipients for new and continuing DELTA Grants. DELTA is awarding more than $250,000 to 29 recipients representing nine academic colleges, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, and the Global Training Initiative. 

DELTA is providing continued support to one Critical Path grant recipient from the 2019-2020 DELTA Grants cycle.

We look forward to collaborating with our faculty and campus partners to tackle instructional challenges with innovative solutions that promote the use of instructional technology and course design. DELTA staff members seek new ways to apply methods of instruction and innovation through DELTA Grants to achieve our goals of enhancing student success and creating a technology-rich learning environment at NC State.  

This year’s grant types include Online and Distance Education, Exploratory, Faculty Fellows, Rapid Design, Blended Learning, and Critical Path. 


Recipient (s) Grant Type Title College Department
Terri Billeisen Online and Distance Education Using 3-D Photos to Facilitate Insect Specimen Investigation and Identification CALS Entomology and Plant Pathology 
Larry Blanton and Colin Keenan Exploratory Experiential Online Teaching Space: An Instructional Framework for Utilizing Mozilla Hubs CALS Plant and Microbial Biology
Marissa Herchler and Adam Fahrenholz Exploratory Interactive web-based laboratories for feed manufacturing CALS Prestage Family Dept. of Poultry Science
Kimberly Ange-van Heugten Online and Distance Education Establishing A New Vision for a Classic NC State Online Course: Principles of Animal Nutrition CALS Animal Science
Kimberly Allen and Angie Smith Exploratory Supporting the Wellbeing of Distance Eduction Students CALS Agricultural and Human Sciences & Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development
Julian Treme Faculty Fellows Faculty Fellows Grant CALS Agricultural and Resource Economics
Elaine Bohorquez Faculty Fellows


Faculty Fellows Grant CALS Prestage Family Dept. of Poultry Science
Sarah Kirby and Jamie Alexander Rapid Design YFCS 540 Course Design CALS Agricultural and Human Sciences
Julia McKeown Exploratory Emerging Technologies: From Theory to Practice and Application Education Teacher Education and Learning Sciences
Peter Hessling Online and Distance Education Converting a Qualitative Methodology Course to an online format Education Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development
Michelle Bartlett Faculty Fellows Faculty Fellows Grant Education Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development
Angie Smith, Barry Olson, and Justine Hollingshead Blended Learning Training and Development: Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management, Course Offering and Training Education Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development
Anna Gibson Blended Learning “Keys to College”: A Hub for Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences CHASS English
Christine Cranford Faculty Fellows Faculty Fellows Grant CHASS English
Mary Estrada Rapid Design Bite-sized Linguistics CHASS Foreign Languages and Literatures
Kyle Bunds and Jonathan Casper Exploratory Educating Sport Fans and Employees about Waste Contamination Through VR and AR CNR Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Steph Jeffries Critical Path Learning Applications for Dendrology CNR Forestry and Environmental Resources
Joseph Roise Exploratory Creating a 4D video: 360 degrees plus time CNR Forestry and Environmental Resources
Vaishnavi Thakar Rapid Design Teaching Geospatial Data Analysis in an Distance Education Format CNR Population Health and Pathobiology
Katherine Saul Critical Path Adaptive Learning Redesign of MAE208 Engineering Dynamics ENG Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Lina Battestilli Faculty Fellows Faculty Fellows Grant ENG Computer Science
Meg Calkins Online and Distance Education Introduction to Sustainable Development course Design Landscape Architecture
Jesse Jur and Amanda Mills Online and Distance Education Development of a Online Distance Education Course on Reverse Engineering of Textile Products Textiles Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science
Erica Kosal Critical Path LSFY Majors & Career Exploration Modules to Help Students Find Their Right “Fit” Early in Their College Careers Sciences Biological Sciences
Zodiac Webster, Keith Warren, Keith Heyward, and Zachary Lewis Online and Distance Education Physics Online Revise and Transform (PORT) Sciences Physics 
Melissa Srougi Exploratory Beyond Reality: Student-driven Virtual Laboratory Experiences in Molecular Biotechnology VetMed Molecular Biomedical Sciences
Elisabeth Brown Critical Path (Continuing) Calculus Corequisite Companion Sciences Mathematics


This post was originally published in DELTA News.