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Who does what around here?

Department Head: Carolyn Mattingly (

Carolyn signs the papers that do the things. When she’s not plugging away at department items, overseeing her research lab over in Toxicology, teaching, or mentoring, she’s spending time with her family. Her door is always open, so drop by when you’re in Thomas Hall (3510A)!

Associate Department Head: Jane Lubischer (

Jane stays busy. You may see her walking briskly on her way from a meeting to another meeting, for which she cancelled a different meeting in order to attend. When she’s not in meetings, you’ll find her in her office being the Da Vinci of data and spreadsheets, or at home with her wife, pups and chickens.

Executive Assistant: Dana Derosier (

Dana is Carolyn’s assistant. She manages her schedule, composes department communications, coordinates department events, and juggles various other items as needed. Dana learned her scheduling and project managing skills while serving in the United States Air Force and has a wide variety of campus knowledge. When not working on projects, Dana volunteers with several non-profits and loves to teach people how to budget.

Faculty: If you need info on RPT, PTR, FARs, SFRs, Peer Teaching Evaluations, Annual Reviews, or any other faculty-related administrative process, she’s your contact. You can also contact her with visitor parking pass requests, room reservations, newsletter or social media items, or any department/college/university questions. If she doesn’t know the answer she’ll point you in the right direction!

Business Office

Business Officer: Hakan Sungur (

As the previous Contracts and Grants Manager and Interim Business Officer for the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at NC State, we were lucky to find him! In addition to his extensive professional expertise, Hakan is a tea connoisseur which has been an added bonus for the office and our coffee/tea bar. As a side note, if you’ve an affinity for The Office, you two can talk shop.

Faculty and Staff: If you need assistance with department account/budget/spending information, department/college/university policy guidance, access to systems within MyPack Portal, or if you have any department/college/university questions, Hakan is your contact!

Office Assistant: Kate Thompson (

Joining us from UNC, Kate brings a wealth of knowledge on the interworkings of a busy business office and the North Carolina state government. When she’s not keeping our ship afloat, you can catch her performing in her band (vocals, keys), at the dog park with her pup, Rabbit, or sewing some sweet threads.

Faculty and Staff: If you need assistance with room reservations, mail/shipping needs, personal reimbursements,  Student/Temp/PEP/FWS/Undergraduate TA hires, Biweekly time sheets, parking passes, making payments to visitors or independent contractors, Travel Authorizations/Reimbursements (TAs/TRs), Purchasing/Marketplace, personal training on various NCSU software systems, or just need to know where to go for what, Kate is your contact!

Accounting Technician: Denise Lamb-Willis (

Denise manages all of our non-grant accounts and does it with a smile, usually while listening to smooth jazz. When she’s not brightening our day with her infectiously sweet demeanor, she’s spending time with family or running marathons and making us all look bad.

Faculty and Staff: If you need any assistance with state-funded accounts, or just need a pick-me-up and a friendly chat, Denise is your contact! She can help you manage your startup funds or other state allocations and project your balances.  You may get a monthly email from her summarizing your funding portfolio from all sources.

Accounting Technician: Vacant

manages grant accounts for PIs with surnames beginning with letters A-M.

PIs and staff: is your contact for all your grant related items (for last names A-M), as well as research-related summer salary. She can help you manage your projects, project your balances, and let you know if you’re able to buy something with your grant funds.

Accounting Technician: Vacant

manages grant accounts for PIs with surnames beginning with letters N-Z.

PIs and Staff: is your contact for all your grant-related items (for last names N-Z), as well as research-related summer salary. She can help you manage your projects, project your balances, and let you know if you’re able to buy something with your grant funds.

Human Resource Partner: Matthew Brooks (

Matthew handles the hiring of EHRA, SHRA, PostDocs, Temps, and Unpaid Appointments. Additionally, he handles VISA questions, takes Time Keeping and Leave Coordinator inquiries, initiates business actions, has opinions about passing the next state budget, and handles separations. He is a 2004 graduate of AppState in Social Science, will encourage you to visit NWNC, and triumphs building/maintaining systems that work for all, especially those involving feeding and educating children. He is a huge Star Trek and space enthusiast and enjoys time with his cat.

Faculty and Staff: If you need any Faculty and Staff-related HR items (hiring permanent employees, separations, position adjustments, HR advising, and more!), Matthew is your go-to!

Graduate Services

Graduate Services Coordinator: Tyler DeAtley (

Tyler has been at NCSU since 2017 as either a PhD student, advisor, or instructor. Now he helps the Genetics, Functional Genomics, and Bioinformatics programs run as smoothly as possible. Tyler makes sure all grad student forms are signed and into the grad School, gets T&Cs for TAs/RAs done, advises students, helps with admission and enrollment, builds out the website, whatever else falls into his lap, and has too many spreadsheets open at any given moment. When not at NCSU, he is happily playing Dungeons and Dragons or Board Games. Big on interdisciplinarity, accessibility, equity, and thinking through relations of power.”

Faculty and Students: If you have any grad student-related questions or issues, Tyler is your go-to!


LAN Administrator: Wall Crumpler  (

Tired of that leak in your lab dripping all over your research? Call Wall! Wall keeps busy seeing to all maintenance issues and serves as our liaison with Facilities. With so many buildings and moving parts under the BioSci umbrella, Wall stays on the move. On the rare occasion he gets a break, he’s taking in the history of a city on his bucket list, managing his record label, or teaching Biology down the street at Meredith College.

Faculty and Staff: If you need assistance with anything facilities related, from DI water to bathroom defacement, room keys, and lab equipment service needs, Wall is your contact! He’ll see that your item is properly reported to the right office if it’s something he can’t solve himself.