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The BioSci Scope

Welcome to The BioSci Scope.   In contrast to our weekly newsletter which serves to inform faculty and staff of current departmental activities, The BioSci Scope will keep the larger Biological Sciences community updated on departmental accomplishments and activities on a tri-yearly basis. First, some history of the Department: Biological Sciences was founded in 2013 as part of the reorganization of the sciences at NC State, and rose from the merger of the Departments of Genetics, Biology, Microbiology, Toxicology, and Zoology. We are the largest department in the College and are central to the mission of the College.
One goal of this newsletter is to embrace our legacy alumni as Biological Sciences family.  Be assured, you are important to the success of the Department.  Over the coming months, we will seek your guidance and expertise, and provide opportunities to engage you in Departmental activities.  This is an exciting time for Biological Sciences at NC State and we want you to share in the excitement.

Between newsletters, you can stay in touch with the Department by joining our Facebook page (NC State Biological Sciences) and Twitter feed (@NCStateBioSci).  Also please visit our new website ( to learn more.