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Collin Johnson

Interview with Collin Johnson
BS in Biological Sciences, Human Biology concentration
Anticipated graduation:  December 2017

Hi, Collin!

What do you plan to do after graduating from NC State?

Human anatomy and physiology have been the most interesting subject to me since high school. Someday I hope to attend medical school and become a family doctor.

What is your proudest accomplishment as an NC State student?

My proudest accomplishment at NC State is making it through three years as a biology major while keeping my GPA above 3.9

What do you love best about your department or your major?

There isn’t much not to love. The classes are the most interesting ones there are and since they are taught by the best of the best, it makes learning that much better. Every professor loves what they teach and anytime I have a question or problem, class-related or not, someone in the department is always there to help. The department has also introduced me to some of my best friends, which is just as valuable as anything I can learn in a classroom.

What else has made your time at NC State special?

I’m a member of the Goodnight Scholars Program here at NC State and those guys are like my family away from home. Jay and Allison do the best job leading this program and have been an incredible support system through some tough times here at school. This group has some of the brightest students on campus, but their friendship is what makes them invaluable. I could go on and on, but I can’t really put into words what this group means to me.

Care to give a shout-out to a faculty or staff member that you would like to recognize?

Dr. Jason Flores was one of the first professors I met at NC State. He helped teach my introduction course to the College of Sciences as a freshman and I also took Cellular and Molecular Biology with him. Through three years here, he is still one of the few professors that I’ve had, that I could sit and listen to for hours. Everything he said in class seemed to teach me something new and since the class was in a scale-up setting, it was a much more integrated environment. He got to teach in a way that was completely different than most classes. Anytime I needed something he was always ready to help, which meant a lot to a first-year student. It has been a while, but I’d like to thank him for preparing me for where I am now.

Here are just some of the other remarkable things we discovered about Collin:

  • He has made Dean’s list since Fall, 2013
  • He is conversational in Spanish
  • He is a Goodnight Scholar and member of the University Honors Program
  • Collin gains clinical experience and exposure as a hospital volunteer, orthopedic shadow, and medical assistant at a family practice
  • Collin participates in intramural sports, the Wolfpack Club, Shack-a-Thon, and NC State’s Pre-Health and Pre-Med clubs
  • In his community, Collin is active with his church back home in Clinton, NC and with the Raleigh Boys & Girls Club and has helped coach youth soccer and high school swimming