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Courses and Instructors

Our online courses are designed and taught with the same care that our in-person courses are designed and taught. In many cases, the same instructor teaches the same course in both formats. All of our courses convey college-level credit documented by an official transcript from NC State University, a fully accredited institution. All of our courses are open to both on-campus, degree-seeking NC State students and non-degree students (NDS). And all of our instructors are faculty at NC State with advanced degrees in their fields and extensive teaching experience.

While we can list courses that are often available online, the most reliable source of information is to look at what courses are scheduled in a given fall, spring or summer session. For the dates of upcoming academic sessions, refer to the Academic Calendar. To determine when you can enroll for a given academic session based on your student classification, refer to the Enrollment Calendar. You can also visit the courses pages of our Undergrad Microbiology Certificate or our Grad Certificate in Biology for Educators to see course lists and descriptions.

The following courses are often available online. You can learn more about course offerings through the Course Catalog (all courses), through Class Search (offerings by session) and through the Enrollment Wizard in MyPack once you have been admitted and have access to enroll for a given session.

BIO 105 Biology in the Modern World
BIO 181 Intro Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity
BIO 183 Intro Biology Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIO 233 Human-Animal Interactions
BIO 410 Introduction to Animal Behavior
BIO 424 Endocrinology
BIO 588 Neurobiology
BSC 514 Studying Animal Behavior
BSC 516 Toxics, Human Health and the Environment
BSC 546 Humans and Disease: Communicable Disease
GN 301 Genetics in Human Affairs
GPH 201 Global Public Health
MB 200 Microbiology and World Affairs
MB 351 General Microbiology
MB 411 Medical Microbiology
MB 441 Immunology
MB 451 Microbial Diversity
MB 461 Molecular Virology
*MB 492 External Learning Experience
*MB 493 Special Problems in Microbiology
TOX 201 Poisons, People and the Environment
TOX 401 Principles of Toxicology
TOX 415 Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

*MB 492 and MB 493 are available online only to NDS students enrolled in the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate