Integrative Physiology, Neurobiology & Behavior

The focal area in Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (IPN) is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms underlying animal physiology and behavior. Research in this cluster is interactive, integrating different disciplines at the genetic, molecular, cellular, physiological, and organismal levels. A guiding principle is that by integrating across multiple disciplines, we can gain deeper insights into how animals function, adapt to changing physical and social environmental conditions, and mechanisms of disease.

Research approaches employ a variety of classical model as well as non-model organisms, including both invertebrates and vertebrates. Particular strengths within the IPN group include neuroscience, endocrinology, behavior, genomics, and environmental physiology. Our teaching mission offers our students a broad-based education at the interface of multiple disciplines, emphasizing intellectual flexibility and cutting edge techniques to make fundamental insights.

Research Area Faculty: