Laboratory sign


Researchers in the Department of Biological Sciences have access to advanced biological research facilities with cutting-edge laboratories. Facilities are always open to department researchers, but are also available for undergraduate research with appropriate faculty oversight.

Bostian Hall

Bostian Hall houses many of the department’s staff offices, lecture halls and student training labs.

Broughton Hall

Broughton Hall previously housed several wind tunnels as well as a collection of diesel engines furnished by the navy. Engraved under the cornice of the building on two sides are the names of renowned engineers: Brayton, Beau de Rochas, Diesel, Otto, Carnot, Brown, Barber, Lanoir, Priestman and Barnett.  Broughton Hall now houses many of the Bioinformatics’ staff offices and looks forward to its renovation in the upcoming years.

David Clark Labs

David Clark Labs was remodeled in 2005. It contains many of the Biology Sciences laboratories as well as many of the offices for the Department’s faculty, staff, graduate students and post docs.

Ricks Hall

The buff brick and Ionic columnade of this four-story building are as impressive as the programs they house, including the Bioinformatics Research Center on the third floor. The building has a total area of 51,143 square feet and is named after Robert Henry Ricks (1839-1920).

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall includes laboratories for genetics researchers and the department’s administrative offices.

Toxicology Building

The Toxicology Building opened in April 2001. It is located on NC State’s Centennial Campus, a 1,200-acre advanced technology community for university, industry and government partners.