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What Does It Cost?

Tuition for online classes (also called distance education) at NC State is calculated by the number of credit hours taken. If you are seeking a degree at NC State, you may be eligible for financial aid, but with the exception of the Shelton NDS Scholarship, non-degree studies students usually are not eligible for assistance.

Most of our online lecture courses are three credit hours each. Exceptions are introductory biology classes (BIO 181 and BIO 183) and some toxicology classes (TOX 401 and TOX 415), which are four credit hours each. The Biology in the Modern World laboratory class (BIO 106) is one credit hour, and the External Learning Experience (MB 492) and Special Problems in Microbiology (MB 493) courses are offered for one to three credit hours, depending on the specific needs of individual students.

Courses numbered between 100 and 499 (for example, BIO 181 and TOX 415) are charged at the Undergraduate–Standard DE Rate. Courses numbered 500 and above (for example, ZO 592) are charged at the Graduate–Standard DE Rate. Click here to view current rates for tuition and fees.

Click here for general information and answers to questions about tuition and fees.