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Personal Reimbursements

In the rare circumstance that an NCSU employee or student must spend their personal money for University purposes, the purchaser may request a reimbursement within 30 days of the purchase.

Circumstances and Conditions that Merit a Personal Reimbursement Request:

  • For purchases under $5,000 if MarketPlace or a State Purchasing Card are not available.

Include the reason why the purchase was not made via normal University purchasing avenues (Marketplace, pcard, etc.)

For NCSU Employees and NCSU Students


  1. Complete the Personal Reimbursement Form within 30 days of purchase
    1. Include itemized receipt AND proof of payment. Two receipts are necessary for restaurant meals, both the one showing the details of the food and drink items purchased and the receipt showing the total of the bill, tip and total of the charge. Failure to include both receipts will result in the reimbursement being denied.
    2. Include a schedule of events, flyer, and/or other relevant document(s) to show purpose of purchase.
    3. If classroom or lab supplies, include a brief description of how the item(s) will be used and why purchase was not made via MarketPlace
  2. Deliver document set to Kate via email (, hand-delivery (3510 Thomas Hall), or campus mail (CB 7614)
  3. Reimbursement will be delivered via direct deposit within 10 days of submission


For External Individuals (Non-Travel-Related Purchases):


  1. Visitor must complete W-9 & ACH/EFT form to enroll in direct deposit
    1. Submit these forms to Kate
    2. Encrypt any sensitive information sent via email
    3. Typed signatures are not accepted
  2. Follow steps 1-5 for Employee/Student reimbursements

Important Notes

  • Vendor setup to enroll in direct deposit adds additional 5-10 business days before payment is made
  • Addresses on all documents must match exactly
  • For non-US citizen visitors, contact Kate in the business office for instructions