Students working in Hunt Library

Degree Programs

The Department of Biological Sciences offers highly regarded graduate degrees in a number of fields.  These programs provide an excellent opportunities for up-and-coming and well-established researchers to work with faculty to solve the grand biological challenges of our time.


Bioinformatics at NC State is collaborative group developing theoretical frameworks to extract knowledge from burgeoning biological data to solve real-world problems.

Functional Genomics

Functional genomics encompasses gene discovery, gene and gene product interactions, and genomic approaches to many biological questions.


The program in genetics consists of a highly interactive group of scientists with foci in quantitative, developmental and computational genetics.

Immunology and Infectious Disease

Researchers in this area study disease causing microbes and our defenses through the Comparative Biomedical Sciences Program.


The microbiology program addresses contemporary topics in microbial biotechnology and host-pathogen interactions of relevance to society.


NC State toxicologists investigate the adverse effects of chemical, physical, or biological agents on people, animals, and the environment.


Zoologists at NC State have a passion for understanding the living world, from molecular and cellular biology to neurobiology, ecology and conservation biology.