About NC State

NC State, the flagship science and technology institution in the University of North Carolina system, is an ideal place to pursue a degree in the Biological Sciences. With more than 34,000 students and nearly 8,000 faculty and staff, NC State s a comprehensive university known for its leadership in education and research, and globally recognized for its science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs.

As a Biological Sciences student, you’ll have access to the vast array of courses available in academic disciplines throughout the university. And if you want to study non-scientific disciplines for electives, minors and second majors, you will have many choices.

NC State is located in Raleigh, NC, halfway between the Appalachian Mountains and the North Carolina coast. Students and faculty from around the globe call Raleigh home, and it’s no wonder why. The city was recently ranked the best city to live in the United States. The Research Triangle region that surrounds the NC State campus is where many of the country’s leading, Fortune 500 technology, research and pharmaceutical companies are located.